January 1, 2000; 3 (1)

        Planting Seeds of Self-Esteem
Jennifer M. Turley, PhD;  Patricia A. Cost, PhD, CHES 
[Full Text] 1-5

        Understanding the Modalities of Complementary and Alternative Asthma Treatments: What Every Health Educator Needs To Know
Karen M. Perrin, Ph.D., M.P.H, R.N., C.H.E.S.; Karen S. Dindial, M.S.P.H.
[Full Text] 6-18

        Identification of the Health Educator's Role in the Management of Fibromyalgia Syndrome Through an Examination of Patients' Needs
Amy L. Bernard, Ph.D., CHES; Alice Prince, Ph.D.; Patricia A. Edsall, A.A 
[Full Text] 19-27

        Mending the Hoop: A Community - University Challenge
Diana Flannery, PhD; Mark Franco, Wintu; Caleen Sisk-Franco, Wintu
[Full Text] 28-35

        Self-Esteem and Adolescent Sexual Behavior Among Students at an Elite Bolivian School
Jennifer Morris, M.S.1; Michael Young, Ph.D.1; Chester Jones, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 36-43

        Charting Your Course: Formative Evaluation of a Prostate Cancer Treatment Decision Aid
Susan G. Brink, Dr.P.H.; Amelia J. Birney, M.P.H.; Ann E. McFarren, R.N.
[Full Text] 44-54

        HIV-Related Knowledge and Behavior of Commercial Sex Workers: A Tale of Three Cities
Wayne W. Westhoff, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.S.W.; Robert J. McDermott, Ph.D., FAAHB2 Derek R. Holcomb, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 55-63

        "Does This Stuff Work?" When Health Educators Discuss Dietary Supplements
Mike Perko, Ph.D., CHES; Darwin Dennison, Ph.D.;
[Full Text] 64-68

Apr 1, 2000; 3 (2)

        Developing a Tool for Youth AIDS Education: The HIV-Specific Health Risk Assessment
Cynthia J. Petri, Ph.D; Brian F. Geiger, Ed.D.; Jiang (JoAnn) Lan, Ed.D.; Scott D. Winnail, Ph.D., MSPH, CHES
[Full Text] 69-74

        Dissemination and Utilization of an Immunization Curriculum for Middle Schools in California
Deborah Glik, ScD; Emil Berkanovic, Ph.D.; Fiona Macpherson, MSc; Kathleen Strone, MPH; Darcy Ratner; Marcy Connell Jones; 
[Full Text] 75-83

        Redefining Classroom Management through Tai Chi: It's All About Fluidity and Balance
Joseph Donnelly, Ph.D; Wendy Hollenbeck; Norm Eburne, Ph.D;
[Full Text] 84-88

        Focus Group Interviews with College Students about Binge Drinking
James T. Broadbear, Ph.D., CHES; Terrence P. O'Toole, Ph.D., M.Div., CHES; Lisa K. Angermeier-Howard, M.S., CHES;
[Full Text] 89-96

        The Ability of College Women Aged 17 to 25 To Perform Tasks Using Nutrition Facts Labels
Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.D.A.;
[Full Text] 97-106

        Understanding and Managing Job Stress: A Vital Dimension of Workplace Violence Prevention
Behjat A. Sharif, Ph.D., CHES;
[Full Text] 107-116

        Transportation Practices of College Students: Effects of Gender and Residential Status on Risk of Injury
Brenda Morissette Joly, MPH, Ph.D.(c); Robert J. McDermott, Ph.D., FAAHB; Wayne W. Westhoff, MPH, MSW, Ph.D., CHES 
[Full Text] 117-124


June 1, 2000; 3 (Special Issue)

        Health Education and Prospective Medicine: Common Concerns and Shared Goals
Gerald C. Hyner, PhD
[Full Text] 125-127

        Ethics Guidelines for the Development and Use of Health Assessments
The Society of Prospective Medicine Board of Directors
[Full Text] 128-132

        Health Risk Appraisal
Geoff Alexander
[Full Text] 133-137 

        Health Status and Outcomes Assessment Tools
John E. Ware, Jr, PhD;  and James E. Dewey, PhD
[Full Text] 138-148

        The Status of Health Status Assessment
Harry Wetzler, MD, MSPH
[Full Text] 149-158

        Lifestyle-Specific Outcome Measures
Dale Bond, MS; Gerald C. Hyner, PhD; 
[Full Text] 159-168

        Health Risk Appraisal from a Behavioral Perspective: Present and Future
Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH;  Matthew W. Kreuter, PhD, MPH
[Full Text] 169-179

        Health Behavior Models
Colleen A. Redding, PhD; Joseph S. Rossi, PhD; Susan R. Rossi, PhD; Wayne F. Velicer, PhD; James O. Prochaska, PhD

[Full Text] 180-193

        Communicating Health Assessment Information
Claire A. Stiles, PhD
[Full Text] 194-201 

        The Usefulness of Health Risk Assessment with Older Adult Populations
Carol C. Hogue, PhD, RN, FAAN; Gordon H. DeFriese, PhD; 
[Full Text] 202-207

July 1, 2000; 3 (3)

        When Self-Pleasuring Becomes Self-Destruction: Autoerotic Asphyxiation Paraphilia
Andrew P. Jenkins, Ph.D., CHES, EMT
[Full Text] 208-216

        Gender-Related Trends in Authorship for Health Education Journal Articles (1990-1998)
Lynda B. Ransdell, Ph.D.; Colleen Cooke, M.S.; Stacy Beske, Ph.D. Candidate; Mary K. Dinger, Ph.D., CHES;
[Full Text] 217-225

        A Guide for Making Presentations of Health Proposals
Thomas Tai-Seale, Dr.P.H.; Hilary Tyler, M.P.H.
[Full Text] 226-241

        The Faith Community as a Delivery System for Technology
Mary Sutherland, EdD; Chris Muire, PhD; Cynthia Bowman, PhD;
[Full Text] 242-243

        Graduate Health Education Programs' Support for the NCHEC Competencies and the Graduate Standards
Jeffrey E. Brandon, Ph.D., CHES
[Full Text] 244-252

        Client-side processing on the internet: Computing the McNemar test of symmetry and the kappa statistic for paired response data
William J. Montelpare, Ph.D.; Moira N. McPherson, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 253-283                                                       

October 1, 2000; 3 (4)


        College Students' Distorted Perceptions of Drug Dangers: Overestimation and Underestimation of Licit and Illicit Drugs
Joseph Donnelly, Ph.D.; Wendy Hollenbeck; Carolyn Eadie, B.S., M.S. Candidate; David F. Duncan, Ph.D.; Norm Eburne, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 272-277

        Silicosis on the Internet
Dale O. Ritzel, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 278-279

        Leader Gender and Group Functioning in the Sexuality Education Discussion Group
Lyndall Ellingson, Ph.D.1; Catherine Sherwood-Puzzello, H.S.D.2 quantitative
[Full Text] 280-283

        Development of Conflict Resolution Skills in Infancy and Early Childhood
Barbara C. Broadbear, MPH; James T. Broadbear, Ph.D., CHES
[Full Text] 284-290

        Child Death Review Team Findings: Implications for Health Educators
Virginia J. Noland, Ph.D. (c); Brenda Morissette Joly, Ph.D. (c); Karen D. Liller, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 291-297

        Teacher Perceptions of a Curriculum-Infused Tobacco Prevention Program for Grades 4 Through 6
Vivien Carver, Ed.D., Bonita Reinert, Ph.D., Lillian M. Range, Ph.D., Catherine Campbell, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 298-305

        Tips for Working in Public Health Education
Elaine Ricketts, MPH, CHES 
[Full Text] 306-309

        Evaluation of an HIV/AIDS Education Training Workshop in Honduras
Michael Young, Ph.D.; Marcia Ball, Ed.D. ;  Jennie Cerullo, Ph.D.; Mark Kelley, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 310-315