January-December, 2007; 10 (1)

·         Advertising a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’: A Cypriot Health Education Project
Soula Ioannou, PhD
[Full Text] 1-8


·         Heterosexual STI/HIV Risk Assessment Among Bolivian Truck Drivers Using Mixed Methodology
William Sorensen, PhD1; Peter B. Anderson, PhD2; Richard Speaker, PhD3; Saul Menacho, MS4; Jose Enrique Vilches, MS5
[Full Text] 9-18

·         Developing a Public Health Training and Research Partnership between Japan and Vietnam
Aya Goto, MD, PhD, MPH; Nguyen Quang Vinh, MD, MSc; Nguyen Thi Tu Van, MD, PhD; Trinh Huu Phuc, MD; Pham Nghiem Minh, MD; Seiji Yasumura, MD, PhD; Nguyen Thi Khue, MD, PhD
[Full Text] 19-26


·         Educating Masters of Public Health Students on Tobacco Control and Prevention: An Integrated Curriculum Approach
John Lowe, DrPH; Mary Aquilino, PhD; Erin Abramsohn, MPH

[Full Text] 27-34

·         Health Behaviors and Protective factors of School Students Aged 13-15 Years Old in Four Cities of China
Benchun Tian, MD; Wei Zhang, BC; Ling Qian, PhD; Shuhong Lv, MPH; Xiangyang Tian, MPH; Guanglian Xiong, MD; Weihong Yan, BC; Xinwei Zhang, BC; Laura K Kann, PhD; Leanne Riley; PhD
[Full Text] 35-52

·         Simulation to Practice: Developing Nursing Skills in Mental Health : An Australian Perspective
Karen-leigh Edward, RN, Grad DipPsychology, MHSc; Julie Hercelinskyj, RN, DipAppSci (Nursing), BAdNursing (Education), MNursStud; Philip Warelow, RN, PhD; Ian Munro, RN, PhD
[Full Text] 60-64

·         Fast Food and Body Weight among Adolescents
Cody Ding, Ph.D.; Sue Parks, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 65-77

·         A Review Of Obesity And Its Relationship With The Built Environment: Implications For Health Educators
Helda Pinzon-Perez, PhD, CHES
[Full Text] 78-84


·         Can email prompting minimize the decrease in wintertime physical activity levels?
Gary Liguori, PhD; Arupendra Mozumdar, PhD
[Full Text] 85-94


·         Engaging Youth to Examine Lifestyle Behaviors through Authentic Research with University Partnerships
Genevieve Bardwell, MS; Priscah Mujuru, Dr.PH; Cindy Fitch, PhD; George Seidel, PhD; Wen Hu, MS; Kalifa Sogodogo, BS; Ann Chester, PhD
[Full Text] 95-103

·         Measuring Nutritional Intake of Adolescents in Ghana, West Africa
Andrew Owusu, PhD; Peggy O’Hara Murdock, PhD; Norman L. Weatherby, PhD
[Full Text] 104-113

·         A Needs Assessment for Health Care Professionals in the Detection, Intervention and Interdisciplinary Treatment of Bulimia Nervosa Using Focus Group Methodology
Anne Hague, RDH, MS, PhD, RD; Joann Kovacich, PhD
[Full Text] 114-125


·         Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention for College-Aged Women
Lynne Ornes, PhD, RN; Lynda B. Ransdell, PhD, FACSMb
[Full Text] 126-137

·         Breastfeeding Education, Support, and Barriers among Iraqi Refugee Women in Jordan
Hala Madanat, PhD., MS, CHES; Heather Farrell, BS; Ray Merrill, PhD, MPH, Erin Cox, BS
[Full Text] 138-149

·         A Survey of Greek Elementary School Students’ Smoking Habits and Attitudes
Stylianos M. Piperakis, BSc, PhD; Fotini Karagouni-Areou, BSc, PhD; Anastasia Triga, BSc, PhD; Alexander S. Piperakis, MEng; Efthimia Argyracouli, BSc, PhD; Aggeliki Thanou, BSc, PhD; Basiliki Papadimitriou, BSc, PhD; Konstantinos Gourgoulianis, MD, PhD; Maria Zafiropoulou, BSc, PhD
[Full Text] 150-159

·         Ties that Work: The Interaction between Group Assignment Method and a Culturally-relevant Curriculum in the Context of Middle School Anti-Tobacco Program
Brian V. Carolan, PhD; Jennifer B. Unger, PhD; C. Anderson Johnson, PhD; Thomas W. Valente, PhD
[Full Text] 160-170

·         Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Health Informatics Masters Program at KSAU-HS University, Saudi Arabia
Majid, Altuwaijri, PhD
[Full Text] 171-185

·         Predictors of Mexican colonia residents’ health perceptions and spirituality level: A pilot study
Elliott Pauli, MA; Linda Synovitz, PhD, RN, FASHA, CHES; Ralph Wood, PhD, CHES; Keri Diez, PhD, CHES; Ann Carruth, DNS
[Full Text] 186-202

·         Entering the Blogosphere: Blogs as Teaching and Learning Tools in Health Education
Jody Oomen-Early, PhD, MS, CHES; Sloane Burke, PhD
[Full Text] 186-196