January-December, 2009; 12 (1)

·         Evaluation of a Computer-based Patient Education and Motivation Tool on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice towards Influenza Vaccination
Ashish Joshi, MD, MPH; Richard Lichenstein, MD;  James King, MD; Mohit Arora BA; Salwa Khan, MD
[Full Text] 1-15

·         Hopelessness and Suicidal Behavior among Chinese, Thai and Korean College Students and Predictive Effects of the World Health Organization’s WHOQOL-BREF
Noy Kay, HSD; Kaigang Li, MEd; Xia Xiao, PhD; Nattiporn Nokkaew, MS; Bock-Hee Park, PhD
[Full Text] 16-32

·         Historical Research: A Thematic  Analysis of Convention and Conference Themes for Selected Professional Health Education Associations from 1975 to 2009
Jill M. Black, PhD, CHES, FAAHE; Valerie A. Ubbes, PhD, CHES
[Full Text] 33-47

·         Physician -based Tobacco Smoking Cessation Counseling in Belgrade, Serbia
Ray Merrill, MPH, PhD; Tanner Harmon, BA; Heather Gagon, MPH
[Full Text] 48-58

·         Correlates of Cigarette Smoking among Male Chinese College Students in China-A Preliminary Study
Kaigang Li, M.S., CHES, PhDc;  Noy S. Kay, H.S.D.
[Full Text] 59-71

·         A Critical Review of Computer - Assisted Learning in Public Health via the Internet, 1999-2008
Kirsten W. Corda, M.A., PhDc;  Georgia N.L. J. Polacek, CHES, Ph.D,
[Full Text] 72-85


·         Urban Men’s Knowledge and Perceptions Regarding Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pakistan
Using Organization Development Concept to Conduct Administrative Assessment of Health Promoting Schools in Taiwan - A Preliminary Study
Jen-Jen Huang, PhD; Gwo -Liang Yeh, PhD; Chie-Chien Tseng, PhD; Wei William Chen, CHES, PhD; Yin-Jinn  Hwu, PhD; Donald Dah-Shyong Jiang, PhD
[Full Text] 86-98


·         Readability Levels of Health-Based Websites: From Content to Comprehension
Mary Schutten, P.E.D; Allison McFarland, PhD, M.B.A
[Full Text] 99-107


·         Urban Men’s Knowledge and Perceptions Regarding Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pakistan
Ali Mohammad Mir, M.B.B.S, MPH ; Laura Reichenbach, PhD; Abdul Wajid,  M.B.B.S ,MSc
[Full Text] 108-122


·         Usability Test of an Interactive Dietary Recording
Louisa Ming Yan Chung, DHSc, MBA, BSc; Joanne Wai Yee Chung, RN, MHA, PhD, Thomas Kwok Shing Wong, RN, PhD
[Full Text] 123-134


·         Cost of Health Education to Increase STD Awareness in Female Garment Workers in Bangladesh
Nahid Rianon, MD, DrPH; Beatrice Selwyn, Sc.D; S.M. Shahidullah, MBBS, MPH; J. Michael Swint, PhD; Luisa Franzini, PhD; Rafia Rasu, PhD, MBA, MPharm
[Full Text] 135-149

·         Differences in Reliability of Reproductive History Recall Among Women in North Africa 
Amr Soliman, MD, PhD; Katharine Allen, M.P.H.; An-Chi Lo, M.P.H.; Mousumi Banerjee, PhD; Ahmed Hablas, MD; Abdellatif Benider, MD; Nadya Benchekroun, MD; Salwa Samir, M.S.;  Hoda G. Omar, MD; Sofia Merajver, MD;  Patricia Mullan, PhD
[Full Text] 150-161

·         Exercise Self-Efficacy and Perceived Wellness among College Students in a Basic Studies Course
Cara L. Sidman, B.A., M.S., PhD; Michelle Lee D’Abundo, PhD; Nancy Hritz, PhD
[Full Text] 162-174

·         Physical Activity Levels in Normal Weight and Overweight Portuguese Children: an Intervention Study during an Elementary School Recess
Luís Lopes, MS; Vítor Lopes, PhD; Beatriz Pereira, PhD
[Full Text] 175-184

·         Preparing Culturally Competent Health Educators: The  Development and Evaluation of a Cultural Immersion Service-Learning Program
Mary Jane Tremethick, BSN, MA, Ph.D; Eileen M. Smit,BSN, MSN
[Full Text] 185-193

·         Exploring a Virtual Conference Web Site for Undergraduate Health Education Students
Maureen Johnson,  PhD; Mary Jane Tremethick, Ph.D., RN, CHES
[Full Text] 194-202

·         Priority  Health  Behaviors  Among  South  African  Undergraduate Students
Kandice Porter, PhD; Ping Hu Johnson, PhD; Jane Petrillo, Ed.D
[Full Text] 222-243

·         A Culturally Appropriate Framework for Educating Collegiate International Students about Alcohol
Laura Esch, BS, CHES; Valerie A. Ubbes, PhD, CHES
[Full Text] 244-252

·         The Relationship between Parental Health, Family Functioning and Adolescent Body Mass Index
Carl Hanson, PhD, CHES; M. Lelinneth L.B. Novilla, MD, MPH; Michael D. Barnes, PhD, CHES; Dennis Eggett, PhD; Lisa Schiffman, MPH; Lori Sugiyama, MPH
[Full Text] 271-288


·         Using the Global School - Based Student Health Survey to Identify Correlates of Smoking in Chilean Youth
Randy Page, PhD
[Full Text] 289-302