January 1, 1999; 2 (1)

Quantitative Research

·        Testing and Measurement in College/University Based Basic First Aid and Emergency Care
Michael D. Ballard, Ed.D., CHES; Robert H. Kirk, H.S.D.; Susan M. Smith, Ed.D.
[Full Text]   1-5

·        Eating Disorders: No Longer Trapped by Food
Sara Oswalt, MPH; Helen M. Welle-Graf, PhD, CHES
[Full Text] 6-12


·        An Examination of SABPAC-Approved Programs
A.J. Pope, Ph.D.; Jodi Brookins-Fisher, Ph.D., CHES
[Full Text]  13-17

·        Rural School Health Services: An Assessment of Adolescents' Felt Needs
Carl L. Hanson, Ph.D., CHES; Mark Kittleson, Ph.D.; Kathleen J. Welshimer, Ph.D.; Dale O. Ritzel, Ph.D.; Paula L. Woehlke, Ph.D.; Fred R. Isberner, Ph.D.
[Full Text]  18-27 


·        Examining Diversity
Kristin Adams, M.S.; Priya Banerjee, M.S.; Alicia Battle, M.S.; Pat Dunegan, M.S.; Karl Larson, M.S.; Will Shaner, M.S.
[Full Text]   28-50 

The Legends Series

·        An Interview with Robert Bensley
Robert Bensley, Jr. Ph.D.
[Full Text] 51-58


·        Web-based Tutorials on How to Download Data from the U.S. Bureau of Census and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Innovations in Teaching Technology Part II
Priya Banerjee, M.A.; Mark J. Kittleson, Ph.D.
[Full Text]  59-60

Apr 1, 1999; 2 (2)

Quantitative Research

·        Employers' Perceived Importance And Use of Skills That Are Specific to Health Educators: A Replication Study in a Rural Setting
Srijana M. Bajracharya, Ph.D.
[Full Text]   59-65


·        Childhood Obesity: A Multifaceted Etiology
Kristine Stouffer, MSHE; Steve M. Dorman, PhD;
[Full Text]   66-72


·        Dispelling Myths about HIV Transmission: An Exploration of Risk Appraisal and Self-Responsibility
Joseph Donnelly, Ph.D.; Norman Eburne, Ed.D.; Carolyn Eadie
[Full Text]  73-75


·        Patient Perceptions of Physicians' Time Management Behaviors: Satisfaction and Expectations
Denise Judice, M.A.; Patricia Rockwell, Ph.D.
[Full Text]   76-80


·        Physical Activity: An Update for Health Educators
Mary K. Dinger, PhD, CHES
[Full Text]  81-83


·        A Web-Based Tutorial on Importing and Graphing Vital Statistics: Innovations in Teaching Technology Part III
Priya Banerjee, M.A.; Mark J. Kittleson, Ph.D. 
[Full Text]   84

July 1, 1999; 2 (3)


·        Instructional Technology an Patient Education:  Assimilating Theory into  Practice
Tami H. Wyatt

[Full Text]   85-93


·        A Simple Guide to Putting Evaluation Assessments Onto the Web
Mark J. Kittleson, Ph.D.

[Full Text]   94-100

Quantitative Research

·        Research Studies in Two Health Education Journals, 1988-1997: Targets and Methodologies
Kele Ding, MS. MD; Ping Hu, PhD, MD
[Full Text]   101-110

·        The Paradigm Shift Toward Teaching for Thinking: Perspectives, Barriers, Solutions and Accountability
Bette B. Keyser, Ed.D.1; James T. Broadbear, Ph.D.

[Full Text]   111-117       

Book Review

·        Book Review: Discovering Me: A Guide to Teaching Health and Building Adolescents' Self-esteem.
Leslie Herod. Boston: Allyn & Bacon Publishers 1999. 364 pp., softcover
Reviewed by Whitney Boling
[Full Text]   118-119

Quantitative Research

·        Attitudes and Beliefs of Adolescents Toward the Use of Tobacco: A 16 Year Follow-up
Bruce M. Ragon, Ph.D.; La Tonya Mouzon, MA

[Full Text]   120-126

·        Data Processing Across the Internet: A Model for Design
William J. Montelpare, Ph.D.1; Moira N. McPherson, Ph.D.
[Full Text]   127-137


October 1, 1999; 2 (4)


·        Abstinence Attitudes and Behaviors in Peer Educators: Risk and Protective Factors
Joseph Donnelly, Ph.D.; Carolyn Eadie, M.S. candidate; George Denny, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 138-143


·        Preservice School Health Educators Perceptions of Homosexuality
Mark A. Temple, PhD, CHES; Adrian R. Lyde, MSEd
[Full Text]  144-149

·        Connotative Meanings of Sexuality-related Terms Among Nursing Students in the Dominican Republic
Wayne W. Westhoff, M.S.W., M.P.H., Ph.D, CHES; Robert J. McDermott, Ph.D., FAAHB; Ramona Valentín de Sierra, R.N., M.A.; Judy C. Drolet, Ph.D., CHES; Joyce V. Fetro, Ph.D., CHES; Jennifer Joerg-Cole, M.S.W., M.P.H.
[Full Text]  150-158


·        Prime-Time Health: An Analysis of Health Content In Television Commercials Broadcast During Programs Viewed Heavily by Children
Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.D.A.; Darlene Grasso, R.D.
[Full Text]   159-169

Book Reviews

·        Step Up to Wellness: A Stage-Based Approach
Reviewed by: Debbe Thompson, MS
[Full Text]   178-179

·        Fitness Through Aerobics
Reviewed by: Hector M. Quinones, MPHE
[Full Text]   180

·        Principles & Foundations of Health Promotion and Education
Reviewed by: Brenda Morissette Joly
[Full Text]    181-182


·        The Effect of Group Process Training on Team Effectiveness
Leah Jean Henry, B.S., M.A.
[Official Layout in .pdf Format] 183-356