The International Electronic Journal of Health Education

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IEJHE, Vol. 2(3), 94-100, July 1, 1999, Copyright 1999

A Simple Guide to Putting Evaluation Assessments Onto the Web

Mark J. Kittleson, Ph.D.1
1 Center for Injury Control & Worksite Health Promotion, Southern Illinois University

Corresponding author: Mark J. Kittleson, SIUC, Pulliam 307, MS 4632, Carbondale, Illinois 62901; 618.453.2777 (phone), 618.453.1829 (fax), KITTLE@SIU.EDU.

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Although professionally we are still in its infancy, the use of the Internet to collect data has great potential. With the continued escalation of postal rates, the increasing use of the Internet and email, along with the ease of formatting web-based assessments, there is no doubt that the Internet will serve as one of the primary vehicles to collect data in the very near future. This article is intended to provide the guidelines for novices in web page development on how to create a web-based evaluation assessment. This evaluation could be used in a variety of settings ranging from a classroom assessment, to obtaining opinions from a community, to procuring data from public health professionals.

Although it is true that there are certain professional programs that can make this task simple, most of these programs often have restrictions that may prevent a person from completing this task. For example, with FrontPage by Microsoft, the server that one is working with MUST use Microsoft's IEE server software. If that server is not using that software, FrontPage has difficulty working with other server software (such as Netscape). The following strategy will work with any type of server or its software.

Prior to starting, the following points need to be clarified: