January 1, 2001; 4 (1)

·        International Health Education and the Health Education and Injury Prevention Course and Conference
Robert J. McDermott, Ph.D., FAAHB1; Klaus Klein, Dr.rer.nat.; Dale O. Ritzel, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 1-2

·        Bundeszentrale Für Gesundheitliche Aufklärung (Bzga) [Federal Centre for Health Education] Tasks and Objectives
Elisabeth Pott; Heike Ettischer; Harald Lehmann; Helene Reemann
[Full Text] 3-13

·        A Comparison of Drug Use Behavior by Selected U.S. and German School Youth
Anja Langness, Dipl.Päd.; Klaus Klein, Dr.rer.nat.
[Full Text] 14-18

·        Breast Cancer in Germany: A Health Education Perspective
Arlene Calvo, MPH, CHES
[Full Text] 19-22

The Elderly Woman and Osteoporosis
Dale O. Ritzel, Ph.D.; Klaus Klein, Dr.rer.nat.; Carol Ackermann, M.S.; Pardess Easter, M.S.
[Full Text] 31-34

·        Intimate Partner Violence in College Students: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
Ellen M. Daley, MPH. Ph.D.; Virginia J. Noland, MPH, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 35-40

·        History and Development of the Doctrine of Informed Consent
Hana Osman, MSSW
[Full Text] 41-47

·        The Role of the Church in the Prevention of HIV/AIDS
Paul D. Sarvela, Ph.D., Lynda M. Sagrestano, Ph.D., Ainon N. Mizan, Ph.D.,  Mark J. Kittleson, Ph.D., Laura A. Rowald, B.A.
[Full Text] 48-54

·        A Mother’s Guide to Prevention: Ways to Help Your Children Grow Up Drug-Free
Elaine Rapp, B.S.
[Full Text] 55-56

·        Postpartum Depression Causes and Correlates
Tracie Merritt, B.A.; Sara Kuppin, B.A., M.S.P.H.; Michelle Wolper, B.A.
[Full Text] 57-63

·        Tobacco Use Among Women in Germany: A Brief Historiography
Robert J. McDermott, Ph.D., FAAHB; Kelli R. McCormack Brown, Ph.D., CHES
[Full Text] 67-73

·        Understanding Adolescent Anxiety Disorders: What Teachers, Health Educators, and  Practitioners Should Know and Do
William T. Hey, PhD; Donna L. Bailey, MSE; Kristine Stouffer, PhD
[Full Text] 81-91

·        The Components of a Successful Company Occupational Safety and Health Program in a TQM Setting
Omie Shepherd, PhD; Dale O. Ritzel, PhD; Mark J. Kittleson, PhD, FAAHB
[Full Text] 92-99

·        Comparisons of Cholesterol Screening Participants and Non-participants in a University Setting
Rodney G. Bowden, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 100-104

·        The Dietary Fiber and Fat Intake, Dietary Fat Avoidance Patterns, and Diet-Disease Knowledge of College Women
Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.D.A.; Mary Finckenor, M.A., R.D., C.D.E.
[Full Text] 105-110

·        Tailoring Messages and Design in a Web-Based Skin Cancer Prevention Intervention
Jay M. Bernhardt, Ph.D., MPH
[Full Text] 290-297

·        Quality of Life Issues Among a Small Sample of Persons Living with HIV Disease in a Rural Area
Richard E. Cain, Ph.D., CHES
[Full Text] 298-306

·        Nutritional Product Development: Integration With Diet Analysis Software
Susan J. Massad, H.S.D.
[Full Text] 307-311

·        Conducting Public Health Research on the World Wide Web
Jay V. Schindler, Ph.D., M.P.H., Cheryl Middleton, M.L.I.S.
[Full Text] 308-317

·        Health Promotion and Wellness Programs As a Generalized Investment in Human Capital
Gregory O. Ginn, B.A., M.Ed., M.B.A, Ph.D.; L. Jean Henry, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
[Full Text] 323-329

·        Social Support and Symptom Etiology: Implications for Patient Education
Steven R. Hawks, EdD, CHES; Amy Ann Croney, MS
[Full Text] 330-336

·        Men’s Perceptions Of Health Education Methods Used In Promoting Their Health In Relation To Cancer
Paul Fleming, Bed,MSc,PDHE, MIHPE; Arlene Spiers, RGN, RM,RHV; Gerard McElwee, BSc, PGCE, DASE, PDHP; Maeve O’Gorman, RN, BSc, PDHP, MSc
[Full Text] 337-344

·        Internet Use Policies and Implications for Health Education: A Survey of Nebraska School Board Presidents
David Dennison, M.S., CHES, David Corbin, Ph.D., Manoj Sharma, Ph.D., Neal Grandgenett, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 354-360

·        Improving School Success for Students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
DawnElla M. Rust, Ed.D.; Rodney G. Bowden, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 368-375