January-December, 2004; 7 (1)

         Acceptability and Appeal of a Web-based Smoking Prevention Intervention for Adolescents
Amy E. Parlove, M.S., Joan E. Cowdery, PhD, Sarah L. Hoerauf, M.S.
[Full Text] 1-8

         Focus Group Assessment of Culturally Specific Cholesterol-Lowering Menus for Mexican Americans
M. Shah, Ph.D., Y. Coyle, M.D., A. Kavanaugh, M.D., B. Adams-Huet, M.S., P.E. Lipsky, M.D.
[Full Text] 9-19

         HIV and STD Knowledge, Sexual Behaviors and Drug Taking Behaviors of Adolescents in southern Russia
R. Mark Kelley, Ph.D., Marcia Ball, Ed.D., Jennie Cerullo, Ph.D., Elena Trunova, M.D.
[Full Text] 20-26

         Influence of Self-Efficacy on Fat-Related Dietary Behavior in Chinese Americans
Doreen Liou, EdD, RD
[Full Text] 27-37

         Readability of Health Sites on the Internet
Rosemary Gottlieb, MA; Janet L. Rogers, PhD
[Full Text] 38-42

         The Impact of A Computerized Dietary Assessment On Nutrition Knowledge
Katherine Elizabeth Hensleigh, M.A.; James M. Eddy, D.Ed; Min Qi Wang, Ph.D. Darwin Dennison, Ed.D; J. Don Chaney, Ph.D
[Full Text] 43-49

         Priority Health Behavior Practices Among Chinese Undergraduate Students
Ping H. Johnson, MD, PhD, CHES
[Full Text] 50-62


         The Use of Technology by Students at an HBCU
Bruce M. Ragon, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 63-68