January-December, 2005; 8 (1)

·         A  Culturally  Enhanced  Smoking  Cessation  Study  Among  Chinese and Korean Smokers
Grace X. Ma, Ph.D.;  Carolyn Fang, Ph.D.; Steven E. Shive, Ph.D., MPH;    Xuefen  Su,  MPH;  Jamil  I..  Toubbeh,  Ph.D.;  Suzanne  Miller, Ph.D.;  Yin Tan, M.D., MPH
[Full Text] 1-10

·         Risk Behaviors Associated with Cigarette Use Among Asian American Adolescents
Harry T. Kwon, M.P.H., CHES, Min Qi Wang, Ph.D., Lillian L. Valmidiano, M.P.H., CHES
[Full Text] 11-17

·         Understanding Satisfaction with Shamanic Practices among the Hmong in Rural California
Helda Pinzon-Perez, Ph.D.,CHES; Neng Moua, MPH; Miguel A. Perez, Ph.D., CHES
[Full Text] 18-23

·         Democracy – The First Principle of Health Promoting Schools
Andy Anderson, Ph.D. & Barbara Ronson, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 24-35

·         Health Promotion Theory, Praxis, and Needs in Transylvania, Romania
C. Zeman, B. Byrd, A. Sinca, M. Vlad, D. Depken
[Full Text] 36-47

·         Knowledge,  Perceptions  and  Attitudes  of  Youths  in  India  Regarding HIV/AIDS:  A Review of Current Literature
Priya Banerjee, Ph.D., Courtney Mattle
[Full Text] 48-56

·         A Comparison of Health Education and Physical Activity Practice in Four Regions of the Hawaiian Island of Oahu
Donna Chun, Ed.D.; Norman Eburne, Ph.D.; Joseph Donnelly, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 57-69

·         Planning ADE: Implications From The Literature On Student Perspectives
Elisa Elizabeth McNeill M.S.; James M. Eddy,, D.Ed.
[Full Text] 70-79

·         HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitudes, and Opinions Among Adolescents In The River States of Nigeria
Ben E. Wodi, Ph.D., M.S.E.H
[Full Text] 86-94

·         The Influence Of Friendships and Friendship-Making Ability in Physical Activity Participation In Chiang Mai, Thailand High School Students
Randy  M.  Page,  Ph.D.;  Jerry  Taylor; Jiraporn Suwanteerangkul, M.Sc.; Lelinneth  M. Novilla, M.D., MPH
[Full Text] 95-103

·         Adolescents at Risk:  Depression, Low Academic Performance, Violence, and Alcohol Increase Bolivian Teenagers’ Risk of Attempted Suicide
Kirk A. Dearden, DrPH, MPH; Natalie G. De La Cruz, CHES, BS; Benjamin T. Crookston, BS; M. Lelinneth B. Novilla, MD, MPH; Matthew Clark
[Full Text] 104-119

·         Comparison of Three Tobacco Survey Methods with College Students: A Case Study
Delores C.S. James, Ph.D., W. William Chen, Ph.D., CHES, & Jiunn-Jye Sheu, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 120-125

·         Social Capital, Health and HIV Awareness of Girls in a Rural Caribbean Community
Sharon D. Morrison, MSPH, MHSE, Ph.D., Rosalyn Howard, Ph.D., Christina Hardy, MPH, CHES, Betria Stinson, BS, CHES
[Full Text] 135-145

·         Status of Health Appraisal Services for Primary School Children in Edo State, Nigeria
Augustine I. Ojugo, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 146-152

·         Drinking & Congenital Birth Defects: Alcohol Awareness in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales, Australia
Tony Yeigh, B. Psych. (Hons); Grad. Dip. (Ed.), Brian Kean, Ph.D.
[Full Text] 153-166


·         Impact of Health Related Family Factors on School Enrollment in Bolivia:  Implications for Health Education
Hala Madanat, PhD(c), MS; Kirk Dearden, DrPH, MPH; Tim Heaton, PhD; Renata Forste, PhD 
[Full Text] 167-177

·         Validation and Findings Comparing VAS vs. Likert Scales for Psychosocial Measurements
Dan Hasson, RN, PhD; Bengt B. Arnetz, MD, PhD
[Full Text] 178-192

·         Preparing Teachers as HIV/AIDS Prevention Leaders in Malawi: Evidence from Focus Groups
Sitingawawo I. Kachingwe, MA, MRNM; Kathleen Norr, PhD; Chrissie P.N. Kaponda, PhD, MRNM; James Norr, PhD; Ellen Mbweza, MSN; Dorothy Magai, BSN EdD
[Full Text] 193-204


·         Online SARS Health Education on SARS to University Students  During the SARS Outbreak
Mee Lian Wong, MD; David Koh S Q PhD;  Prasad Iyer, BE; Adeline Seow, MD; Lee Gan Goh, MMed (Int Med); Sin Eng Chia,  MD; Meng Kin Lim, FRCPE;  Daniel Ng, PhD;  Choon Nam Ong, PhD;   Kai Hong Phua, PhD;   Paul Tambyah,  MBBS;  Vincent T K  Chow, PhD; Suok Kai Chew,  MSc (Epid); Ravi Chandran, Msc; Hin Peng Lee, FFPHM
[Full Text] 205-217