January-December, 2006; 9 (1)

·         Reproductive Health: An Introduction to IUCD in India
Vrijesh Tripathi, PhD; Deoki Nandan, MD
[Full Text] 1-12


·         HIV-Related Knowledge and Attitudes among First Year Medical Students in Mumbai, India
Yogindra Samant, MBBS, MPH; Ranjit Mankeshwar, MD; Lalit Sankhe, MD; David L Parker, MD
[Full Text] 13-24

·         Using Rubrics to Increase the Reliability of Assessment in Health Classes
Lynette Silvestri, EdD; Jeffrey Oescher, EdD
[Full Text] 25-30

·         Brief Continuing Medical Education (CME) Module Raises Knowledge of Developing Country Physicians
Amr S. Soliman, MD, PhD, Shahed Samadi, MPH, Mousumi Banerjee, PhD, Robert M. Chamberlain, PhD, Zeba Aziz, MD
[Full Text] 31-41

·         Adolescents Engaging in Risky Sexual Behavior: Sexual Activity and Associated Behavioral Risk Factors in Bolivian Adolescents
M. Lelinneth B. Novilla, MD, MPH; Kirk A. Dearden, DrPH, MPH; Benjamin T. Crookston, MPH(c); Natalie De La Cruz, MPH(c), CHES; Susan Hill, PhD; Scott B. Torres, BS
[Full Text] 42-55

·         Interventional Effects of Weight Control Program Among Obese Junior High School Students: Application of Transtheoretical Model
Li – Rong Liu, R.N. M. Ed.
[Full Text] 56-72

·         Impact of Menu Sequencing on Internet-Based Educational Module Selection
Robert Bensley, PhD; John J Brusk, MPH; Jason Rivas, MPA; Judith V Anderson, DrPH, RD
[Full Text] 73-83

·         Onset of Smoking Behaviors and Participation in Leisure Physical Activities of Turkish Adolescents Attending Vocational Health Schools
Feryal Subasi, PT, PhD; William Hey, PhD; Gonca Mumcu, Dentist (Dt), PhD; Leyla Koksal, Nurse,

MSc in Public Health; Emel Luleci,  MD; Haydar Sur, MD, PhD
[Full Text] 81-91

·         Health Status of Immigrants from Nepal in the United States: Preliminary Findings and Methodological Issues
Srijana M. Bajracharya, PhD, CHES and Mary K. Bentley, PhD
[Full Text] 92-107

·         Exploration of Social Cognitive Factors Associated with Physical Activity Among Chinese-American Children
Yan Zhang, PhD; Rita DiGioacchino DeBate, PhD, MPH, CHES
[Full Text] 108-121

Health Issues for the Hmong Population in the U.S.: Implications for Health Educators
Helda Pinzon-Perez, PhD, CHES
[Full Text] 122-133

·         What Do Expectant Mothers Know about Neonatal Jaundice?
Olusoga B. Ogunfowora, MBBS, FWACP; Peter O. Adefuye, MBBS, FWACS; Musili B. Fetuga, MBBS, FWACP
[Full Text] 134-140

Risk Perceptions, Barriers, and Self-Efficacy of Hepatitis B Screening and Vaccination among Chinese Immigrants
Grace X. Ma, PhD, CHES; Steven S. Shive, Ph.D.; Jamil Toubbeh, Ph.D.; Dunli Wu, M.D.; Ping Wang, M.D.
[Full Text] 141-153

·         I Sing the Body Electric: Description of an Innovative Health Promotion and Fine Arts Program for Adolescents
Kathleen Phillips, PhD; Julie Dietz, PhD; Mark Borzi, PhD; Gaye Harrison, MA
[Full Text] 154-165

·         Using Online Discussion Forums to Promote Critical Reflection among Pre and In-Service HIV/AIDS Educators and Service Providers
Jena Nicols Curtis, EdD
[Full Text] 166-179

·         Russian Science Teachers’ Knowledge of HIV/AIDS: Implications for Teacher Training
Julie Avina, EdD; Kathleen O'Connell, PhD
[Full Text] 180-191

·         Physical Activity Patterns During School Recess: A Study in Children 6 to 10 Years Old
Victor Lopes, PhD; Catarina Margarida Silva Vasques, MSc; Maria Beatriz Ferreira Leite de Oliveira Pereira, PhD; José António Ribeiro Maia, PhD; Robert M. Malina, PhD
[Full Text] 192-201

·         Young Cancer Patients’ Perceptions of a Video Game Used to Promote Self Care
Ivan L. Beale, PhD; Verónica M. Marín-Bowling; Nicole Guthrie, MS; Pamela M. Kato, EdM PhD
[Full Text] 202-212

·         Comparison of Effectiveness of  Computerized and Conventional Fixed and Learning Module in Undergraduate Pathology Teaching   
Manoharan Madhavan, MBBS, MD; Gurjeet Kaur, MD, MMed(Path)
 [Full Text] 213-218