January-December, 2008; 11 (1)

·         Brief Interventions for Tobacco Users: Using the Internet to Train Healthcare Providers 
Kelly M. Carpenter, PhD; Leslie G. Cohn, PhD ; Lisa H. Glynn, BS; Susan A. Stoner, PhD
[Full Text] 1-12

·         School Library Support of Health Education in China: A Preliminary Study
Geoffrey Z. Liu, PhD; Wuhong Zhang, MS
[Full Text] 13-31


·         YouTube: An Innovative Learning Resource for College Health Education Courses
Sloane C. Burke, Ph.D., CHES; Shonna L. Snyder, Ph.D., CHES
[Full Text] 39-46

·         Using Environmental Stimuli in Physical Activity Intervention for School Teachers: A Pilot Study
Peggy PY Cheung, PhD; Bik C. Chow, PhD; Gaynor Parfitt, PhD
[Full Text] 47-56

·         Health Promotion in Coaching:  Possibilities for Improving the Profession
Brad Vickers, Ed.D, M. Ed., B.S.
[Full Text] 57-68

·         Comparative Impact of Two Training Packages on Awareness and Practices of First Aid for Injuries and Common Illnesses among High School Students in India 
Sonu Goel, MD, Amarjeet Singh, MD
[Full Text] 69-80

·         Male condom advertising in United  States magazines and on the World Wide Web from 1997-2007: Implications  for media literacy and health literacy
Alan J. Sofalvi, PhD
[Full Text] 81-94


·         Community Participatory Method s in Disease Surveillance and Public Health in War-Affected Camps, and Its Potential Contribution to Peace Building
Kolitha Wickramage, PhDc, MPH, PGC; Prakash Nellapalli, MD
[Full Text] 95-108


·         Who are the college students behind the wheel after drinking?
Yan Zhang, PhD; Weiping Wang, PhD;  Juliann Scholl, PhD;  Juli Buchanan, PhD
[Full Text] 109-118

·         Nutrition Education Intervention Improves Nutrition Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Primary School Children: A Pilot Study
Zalilah Mohd Shariff, PhD; Siti Sabariah Bukhari, MSc; Norlijah Othman, MBBS, MRCP; Normah Hashim, MSc; Maznah Ismail, PhD;  Zubaidah Jamil, PhD;  Sham Mohd Kasim, MBBS, FRCPH; Laily Paim, PhD; Bahaman Abu Samah, PhD; Zabidi Azhar Mohd Hussein, MBBS, DCH,  MRCP, FRCPH
[Full Text] 119-132

·         Making the Case for Distance Education in the Health Education and Health Promotion Profession
Elizabeth Hensleigh Chaney, PhD; J. Don Chaney, PhD, James M. Eddy, D.Ed., Michael L. Stellefson, MS
[Full Text] 5-18 (Supplementary Issue)


·         Comparability in E-learning: An overview of a fully online undergraduate program in Health Education at Texas Woman’s University
Jody Oomen-Early, Ph. D, M.S., CHES
[Full Text] 19-38 (Supplementary Issue)

·         Development and Delivery of Online Health Promotion Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Allied Health Professionals
Roger G. Bounds, Ph.D., CHES; Deborah J. McCormick, Ph.D; Paul Brynteson, D.P.E., MPH, CHES
[Full Text] 39-51 (Supplementary Issue)

·         A Strategic Administrative and Technological Support Model for an Innovative Undergraduate Public Health Minor
Suzanne M. Perry-Casler, PhD, MS, Ed.; Sandhya Srinivasan, MEd, MPH; Karen M.  Perrin, PhD, MPH, RN; Karen D. Liller, Ph.D
[Full Text] 52-62 (Supplementary Issue)

·         Lost In Translation: The Challenges of Changing a Health Education Methods Course to an Online “Hybrid” Course for Pre-Service Elementary Teachers
Ku`ulei Serna, PhD & Rebecca Meeder, MEd
[Full Text] 63-73 (Supplementary Issue)

·         Effectiveness of an Online and Traditional Physical Activity Class on Promoting Physical Activity in College Students
Gary Liguori, PhD; Meghan Baruth, M.S., Arupendra Mozumdar, PhD
[Full Text] 74-84 (Supplementary Issue)


·         The Marketing of Distance Education
Michael L. Stellefson, M.S.; James M. Eddy, DEd., J. Don Chaney, PhD, Elizabeth H. Chaney, PhD
[Full Text] 85-96 (Supplementary Issue)