January-December, 2010; 13 (1)

·         Diabetes Control among Vietnamese Patients in Ho Chi Minh City: An Observational Cross-Sectional Study
Hirohide Yokokawa, MD, PhD; Nguyen Thy Khue, MD, PhD ; Aya Goto, MD, MPH, PhD; Tran Quang Nam, MD, MSc; Tran The Trung, MD, MSc; Vo Tuan Khoa, MD, MSc; Nguyen Thi Boi Ngoc, MD; Pham Nghiem Minh, MD; Nguyen Quang Vinh, MD, MSc; Akira Okayama, MD, PhD; Seiji Yasumura, MD, PhD
[Full Text] 1-13

·         Examining the Prevalence of Self-Reported Foodborne Illnesses and Food Safety Risks among International College Students in the United States
Agnes Ngale Lyonga, Ph.D; Myron A. Eighmy, Ed.D.; Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., L.R.D.
[Full Text] 14-24

·         Salutogenesis 30 Years Later: Where do we go from here?
Craig M. Becker, PhD1 Mary Alice Glascoff, EdD; W. Michael Felts, PhD
[Full Text] 25-32

·          “We Have to Do Something for Ourselves": Using Photovoice and Participatory Action Research to Assess the Barriers to Caregiving for Abandoned and Orphaned Children in Sierra Leone

Ashley Walker, PhD, CHES; Jody Early, PhD, M.S., CHES
[Full Text] 33-48


·         Accuracy of Health and Wellness Messages provided by ChaCha, The Mobile Answers Text Message Service
Kadi Bliss, BS, MS; Marc Lodyga, BS, MS; Shelley Bochantin, BS, MS, RLD; Dawn Null, BS, MS, RD
[Full Text] 49-58

·         Assessing the Importance of Social and Environmental Supports for Leisure-time Physical Activity in a Unique Socio-Cultural and Geographical Context
Alain P. Gauthier, PhD; Michel Larivière, PhD; Raymond Pong, PhD; Susan J. Snelling, PhD; Nancy L. Young, PhD
[Full Text] 59-75

·         Online Simulation of Health Care Reform: Helping Health Educators Learn and Participate
Robert Jecklin, M.P.H., Ph.D
[Full Text] 90-99


·         Calcium Nutrition perceptions among Food Bank Users: A Canadian Case Study
Shanthi Johnson, Ph.D; Nicki Hawkins, BSNH, MD
[Full Text] 100-110


·         Assessment of Healthcare Faculty Interest in Internet-based International Education Collaboration and Exchange: A Pilot Study
Karen M. Having, M.Ed;  Joan M. Davis, MS; Charla J. Lautar, PhD; Belle Woodward, CCNA, CCAI, CCNP
[Full Text] 111-124

·         Childhood Diabesity: International Applications for Health Education and Health Policy
Helda Pinzon-Perez, MPH, PhD; Suzanne Kotkin-Jaszi, DrPH; Miguel A. Perez, PhD
[Full Text] 125-134

·         Prevalence of health behaviors among a university staff: an exploratory study
Torabi, Mohammad, Ph.D., MPH; Thiagarajah, Krisha, Ph.D. , R.D.; Jeng, Ifeng, MPH
[Full Text] 135-147


·         Canonical Correlation Analysis on Life Stress and Learning Burnout of College Students in Taiwan
Huang, Yun-Chen; Lin, Shu Hui
[Full Text] 145-155