January-December, 2012; 15 (1)

         Post-Project Assessment of Community-supported Emergency Transport Systems for Health Care Services in Tanzania
Indu B. Ahluwalia, Dorcas Robinson, Lisa Vallely, Juliana Myeya,†† Lukumay Ngitoria, Victor Kitambi, Alfreda Kabakama
[Full Text] 1-15

         Online Discussion about Sexuality Education in Schools
James T. Broadbear, Barbara C. Broadbear
[Full Text] 16-28

         Psychometric Evaluation of a Chinese Version of the eHealth Literacy Scale (eHEALS) in School Age Children
Koo,Malcolm, PhD; Norman, Cameron D., PhD; Chang, Hsiao-Mei, MSc
[Full Text] 29-36

         A Tailored Wellness Intervention for College Students Using Internet-Based Technology: A Pilot Study
Alessandro Quartiroli, PhD; Sam Zizzi, PhD
[Full Text] 37-50


         Multiple Health Behaviors and Psychological Well-being of Chinese Female Undergraduate Students
Hui Bian; Jingjin Wu; Yan L; Erin Largo-Wight
[Full Text] 51-61

         Reducing Overweight and Obesity among Elementary Students in Wuhan, China
Ling Qian MD, PhD, Ian M. Newman PhD, Duane F. Shell PhD,Cheng Maojin Cheng MD, MPH
[Full Text] 62-71

         Smartphone Technology and Apps: Rapidly Changing Health Promotion
Cynthia Kratzke, PhD, CHES, Carolyn Cox, PhD, MCHES
[Full Text] 72-82

         The Impact of Occupational Hazard Information on Employee Health and Safety: An Analysis by Professional Sectors in Spain
Miguel Angel Mariscal Saldaria, PhD, Susana Garcia Herrero, PhD,Javier Garcia Rodriguez, MS, Dale Ritzel, PhD
[Full Text] 83-98

         Online Health Information (OHI) Utilization among Selected Worksite Employees in Taiwan
Su-I Hou, DrPH, CPH, MCHES, RN, Tun-Jen Hsiao, MD, PhD, & Peng-Hsi Hou, PhD
[Full Text] 99-111


         Twitter as a Tool to Warn Others about Sobriety Checkpoints: A Pilot Observational Study
Christopher M. Seitz, MPH; Muhsin Michael Orsini, EdD; Melodie Fearnow-Kenney, PhD; Kiki Hatzudis, MPH; David L. Wyrick, PhD
[Full Text] 112-119

         Stress and Communication across Cultural Boundaries in the U.S. Location of a Chinese Business
Yuanying Liang, MPH & Robert Jecklin, MPH, PhD
[Full Text] 120-133

         Mhealth on Campus: Assessing Undergraduatesí Attitudes and Utilization of Mobile Health Applications
Melissa Haithcox-Dennis, PhD, CHES, Jason Brinkley, PhD; Alice Richman, PhD, MPH; Amanda DeWeese, BS; James L. Byrd III, MA
[Full Text] 134-144


         Global HIV Prevention Programs for Long-Haul Truckers: Considerations for the U.S.
Sloane Burke Winkelman, PhD, CHES; Sitawa R. Kimuna, PhD; Melissa Haithcox-Dennis, PhD, CHES
[Full Text] 145-154

         Black Familiesí Lay Views on Health and the Implications for Health Promotion: A Community-Based Study in the UK
Bertha Ochieng, PhD
[Full Text] 155-165

         The Anti-tobacco Movement of Nazi Germany: A Historiographical Re-Examination
Basil Aboul-Enein, MSc, MPH, MA
[Full Text] 166-172

         National Implementation of an Evidence-Based HIV Prevention and Reproductive Health Program for Bahamian Youth
Valerie Knowles;Linda Kaljee; Lynette Deveaux; Sonja Lunn; Glenda Rolle; Bonita Stanton, MD
[Full Text] 173-190


         The Process of Adapting an Australian Antenatal Group-Based Parenting Program to Japanese and Vietnamese Public Service Settings
Aya Goto, MD, MPH, PhD; Yuriko Suzuki, MD, MPH, PhD; Hiroshi Tsutomi, MS; Vinh Quang Nguyen, MD, MSc; Tu Van Thi Nguyen, MD, PhD; Sachiko Yamazaki, CP, PhD; Keiko Okazaki, PHN; Tuyet Hong Thi Nguyen, BSc; Hoa Quoc Hoang, MD, PhD; Seiji Yasumura, MD, PhD
[Full Text] 191-202