January 1, 2013; 16 (1) Global Journal of Health Education & Promotion

·         Young Adult Smokers’ Perceptions of  the Influence of  Physical Activity on their Smoking Patterns
Randi L. Ray, Alain P. Gauthier, Patricia Pickard, Elizabeth F. Wenghofer, Nancy L. Young,
[Full Text] 1-16


·         Factors Affecting Receipt of Nutrition Information Among a Select Group of University Students in the United States
Ann Hallyburton, April Tallant,
[Full Text] 17-30


·         Beliefs About eHealth Communication and Preferred eHealth Strategies Among Middle-and Older-Aged Adults in Taiwan
Su-I Hou, Peng-Hsi Hou,
[Full Text] 31-42


·         Assessing the Influence of  Season and Time of  Day on Physical Activity Levels During Recess
Bridget J. Jaunzarins, Alain P. Gauthier, Kenneth D. King, Céline Larivière, Sandra C. Dorman,
[Full Text] 43-56

·         Theater and Health: Results From Dulce and the Good Life
Kathy Bussert-Webb, Mary G. Curtis
[Full Text] 57-75

·         Global Health: Chartering a New Mission for Health Education Specialists
Miguel A. Perez, Deborah Fortune,  Raffy Luquis,
[Full Text] 76-84


April 1, 2013; 16 (2) Global Journal of Health Education & Promotion


·         The Impact of  Infant Feeding Method on Childhood Obesity/Overweight Levels of  Children at Ages 2, 3, and 4 Years
Barbara Lorraine Michiels Hernandez, Ismatara Reena, George Strickland, Connie Ruiz,
[Full Text] 1-17

·         Making a Difference in Malawi and Zambia Through Health Education and Public Health Best Practices
Kerry J. Redican, Kaja Abbas, Francois Elvinger, Kathy Hosig, Susan West Marmagas, Phindile Chitsulo, Patricia Kelly, John Burton, Josiah Tlou, Sheila Carter-Tod,
[Full Text] 18-32


·         Health Behaviors Among First-Year College Students in a Private University in the Dominican Republic
Guadalupe Silva, Joel Arboleda, Raffy R. Luquis, Miguel A. Perez, Ana Karina Corvalan, Eugenia Smirna Gonzalez Diaz,
[Full Text] 32-50


·         Differences Between Male and Female Indian College Students in Their Knowledge of  HIV/AIDS and Preferred Sources of  Information
Priya Banerjee, Maria Keller,
[Full Text] 51-72


·         Health Education Classroom Practices in Primary Schools: An Observational Study From Pakistan
Sadia Muzaffar Bhutta, Kathy Sylva
[Full Text] 74-101


July 1, 2013; 16 (3) Global Journal of Health Education & Promotion


·         Physical Activity Among Chinese School Youth 1997–2011: A Longitudinal Study
Ying Li, Hui Bian, Bingqing Wang,
[Full Text] 1-17


·         Youth-Driven Innovation in Sanitation Solutions for Maasai Pastoralists in Tanzania: Conceptual Framework and Study Design
Sheri Bastien, Erin Hetherington, Jennifer Hatfield, Susan Kutz, Mange Manyama
[Full Text] 14-37