January 1, 2016; 17 (1) Global Journal of Health Education & Promotion

·         Role of Public Health Education in Addressing Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: A Global Crisis
Deborah A. Fortune
[Full Text] 1-4

·         Physical Activity Among Chinese School Youth 1997–2011: A Longitudinal Study
Ying Li, Hui Bian, Bingqing Wang
[Full Text] 5-17

·         Youth-Driven Innovation in Sanitation Solutions for Maasai Pastoralists in Tanzania: Conceptual  Framework and Study Design
Sheri Bastien, Erin Hetherington, Jennifer Hatfield, Susan Kutz, Mange Manyama
[Full Text] 18-42

·         Breast Self-Examination Education Among Dominican Women: A Pilot Study
Robin M. White, Laurie Camper
[Full Text] 43-57


·         A Bosnian Refugee Community’s Hidden Capacity in Preparation for a Natural Disaster in the United States
Huaibo Xin, Ajlina Karamehic-Muratovic, David Cluphf
[Full Text] 58-76

·         The GOLD Card: Evaluation of an Instrument to Improve Health Literacy and Promote Patient-Centered Care in Urban Vietnam
Minh-Tri H. Nguyen, Ashley K. Fernandes
[Full Text] 77-92


April 1, 2016; 17 (2) Global Journal of Health Education & Promotion


·         Women Leading Health Promotion: Innovations in Global Health
Priya Banerjee, Ph.D [Full Text] 1-3


·         Pregnancy-Related Experiences of Bangladeshi Immigrant Women in the U.S.
Kamrun N. Mustafa, CHES,  Mark J. Kittleson, MCHES
[Full Text] 4-16

·         Health Worker Attitudes to Intimate Partner Violence on the Tibetan Plateau: A Qualitative Assessment of Cultural and Material Factors Behind Non-Interventionist Attitudes
Hamsa Rajan, Ligia Kiss, Karen Devries, Cathy Zimmerman
[Full Text] 17-41


·         Female Genital Mutilation: Current Practices and Perceptions in Somaliland
Trista Dawn Smith; Cristina Redko; Nikki Rogers; Edna Adan Ismail
[Full Text} 42-57


·         On the Front Lines of Prevention: Promotores de Salud and Their Role in Improving Primary Care for Latina Women, Families, and Communities
Jody O. Early, Sloane Burke-Winkelmann, Aditi Joshi
[Full Text] 58-86


July 1, 2016; 17 (3) Global Journal of Health Education & Promotion


·         Grenadian Women’s Perspectives on Screening for Breast and Cervical Cancers: A Participatory Approach to Understanding Prevention
Kamilah B. Thomas-Purcell, Will L. Tarver, Christine Richards, Marva Primus-Joseph, Barrymore McBarnette
[Full Text] 1-16

·         Assessing the Effect of a Health Education Intervention on Attitudes Toward Safe Motherhood Among Women of Reproductive Age in Eleme, Rivers State, Nigeria
Mfrekemfon Peter Inyang, Janet Ene Peter
[Full Text] 17-47


·         Review of Graduate Global Health Certificate Programs in the United States
Muge Akpinar-Elci, MyNgoc T. Nguyen, Demetra Tate, Olaniyi Olayinka, Shelley Mishoe
[Full Text] 48-55

·         Incorporating an Innovative Health Promoting Model Into Lebanese Public Schools: Impact on Adolescents’ Dietary and Physical Activity Practices—Comparison of HPS With Other Public and Private Schools in Lebanon
Sawsan El Halabi Ezzeddine, Pascale Salameh
[Full Text] 56-90


·         Metabolic Syndrome as a Predictor of Incident Chronic Disease in Middle-Aged Chinese Persons Mark A. Strand, Shuangfeng Liu, Ping Wang, Judith Perry, Xiaoxue Gu
[Full Text] 91-105


·         Committing to a Health Promotion Program: An Australian Case Study
Rebekkah Middleton, Lorna Moxham, Dominique Parrish
[Full Text] 106-137